About Us

When we bought a property with a woodstove and enough trees to make our own firewood, I decided it was time to learn to split wood. I quickly became frustrated with having to pick wood up off the ground to split it further or reset a missed hit. My back was loudly complaining, as well. I decided that there has to be a better way. Over the years I refined my design, using my background as an engineer. I have perfected the functional design and used it successfully to split many cords of firewood. I now find splitting wood to be enjoyable and much less back-breaking. I would like to share my invention with others, and I know you will find it to be very useful, too.

If you're wondering about the name I came up with for the tool, fetter is a somewhat obscure word that means something used to restrain or restrict.Since that is exactly what it does with the firewood, and it also happens to be my last name, it was natural to call it the Firewood Fetter.

Les Fetter